Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Cherry Tree

Since we moved here we have really enjoyed our yard. It's a nice size and it has a huge Cherry tree and 5 apple trees and a rhubarb plant. Well ,we lost a couple of apple trees a couple of years ago to a really bad storm and in part I think to their age. So we planted a new apple tree and added a pear tree. Both are already giving fruit! The boys love fruit and so having these trees helps cut down on my grocery bill :)

A week or so ago we started picking some of the ripe Cherries and we probably picked 20 lbs. Danny thinks.... and didn't even make a noticeable dent in the sea of red on the branches. We bagged 'em up and started sharing with neighbors, friends, and Nate even took some to Kindergarten and they ate 2 bags full for their jause time (snack time) A couple of days ago Danny picked another 10 or 15 lbs. to take to football practice and I think now the cherries are just reproducing as they get picked :) haha. I finally bought a Cherry stoner and that's made it so much easier to get them ready for freezing. Last year Danny & I de-stoned cherries for hours one night and our hands were stained for DAYS!

Danny is our caretaker here at the Caldwell house. If you've been following this blog you know I've mentioned how I was not born with a green thumb. Not even close. It's sad really how easily I can take a beautiful plant, bush, ivy (aren't those supposed to live thru anything?!?!), or flowers of any kind. Any of those are certain to die within a few days in my care. I have watered them (Danny says I do it too much), I've tried to not water so much (Danny says I waited to long if they've not already drowned from the watering), I have even tried 'talking' to them (Danny says I talked them to death--ok, that's not true, but I've been married to him nearly 10 yrs. and he probably has thought it LOL!).

I guess I've blogged about the weather and gardening enough this week... you know, since I'm not exactly the person doing any of the love and care to these wonderful things that fill my little boys tummies. But I will say, I'm really good at mowing and enjoy it. Though Danny says I do it wrong too. hahahaha. Do you see a pattern here? Yes-- the love of my life is a perfectionist. I mean, he did ask me to marry him , didn't he?!? haha! I tell him the grass likes being cut differently sometimes. It livens things up :)

So have a fantastic weekend. We have some ministry opportunities awaiting us, a football game, family time, helping a family move from an apartment to a house, and preparing for a Bible study/Grillin' get-together! One of my favorite things about this time of year (though I'm more of a winter-lover) is getting together with the friends God has placed in our paths. I love the diversity. We have such different backgrounds and yet, in God's special way we've come to be friends and in some cases like family since we are away from our real families.


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That ladder looks sooo tall and dangerous!
Aunt Sandy