Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Micah and a Bike

Sometime mid-summer we bought Micah a bike at the flea market. He was riding in a little tractor and he just couldn't keep up with Nathan (who during the Spring learned to ride without training wheels). Bikes are ridiculously expensive here, so for a boy who we figure will not be riding this same bike next summer, we opted for a 'new to us' version :) Micah was so very excited. He loved that it was 'his' bike, nevermind that it is not really 'cool' looking in terms of what could've been (my thoughts... not his), but we put the training wheels on and off he went! He loves his bike and being able to have a better chance at catching Nathan. Micah also enjoyed giving his brother a 'ride' on the back... it was very entertaining :)

I love my boys.

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