Saturday, January 09, 2010

Building a snowman

We had a lot of snow fall in the last 48 hrs. It's just so much fun to us! The boys really enjoy playing in it. Danny is such a great dad... he builds them snowmen and rolls around with them in the snow and they just have a ball together! I wouldn't mind, but being that I have a little less than 7 weeks left of this pregnancy, I opted for being JUST the photographer :)

We have been preparing this week for our church services tomorrow. I've invited some people this week... praying that they will come and just check us out. Looks like Micah will finally be healthy (enough... but not great) to go too. He's really struggled with bronchitis, high fevers, and ear infections this past month. He really can catch any illness and it takes him for a ride. Nathan is rarely sick and when he is... you wouldn't really know it. So if you think of us... pray for our health especially.

Here are a few pics of my favorite guys. Micah wasn't feeling great, but had cabin fever and really wanted to be outside to see a snowman built. So I took a few pics and then pulled a very unhappy boy into the house for hot chocolate and a nap. I felt bad for him.... but it's part of being a parent.

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Sherina said...

Adorable pic's! I love how you decorate the edges of each pic and add quotes to some of them. Gives them just the PERFECT touch! ;) Glad you guys are enjoying the snow! Wish we coudl've played in the snow with you all. Can't wait to see you guys in a few months! Also, can't wait to meet Baby Girl!!!