Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Tooth!

This past weekend Nathan noticed that he had a loose tooth. Thankfully, I had prepared him about a month ago that he was getting to the age that it might happen. I don't know what made me think of it, but I thought if I don't tell him, he might freak out if his teeth start falling from his mouth and he doesn't realize it's "normal". haha. So he got it really loose, but didn't want anyone to mess with it. So Monday we're having breakfast and getting things ready for Kindergarten when he says, "Hey! My tooth is super loose!" I go to the table to see if it's ready for him to snag and--- it's gone! I tell him so and he looks happy, then sad. Danny starts searching his bed to see if it fell out at night, then Nate searches his cereal bowl. Then Nate says that he thinks he chewed it up with his crunchy cereal. Now I'm sad for him. His first tooth and we don't "have" it. Poor Nathan is torn between excitement and disappointment for now he has nothing to put under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy. I jokingly say "there is a way..." then Danny says that he will not help with that search ;) LOL! But then brilliance strikes (whew!) and I tell Nate that before bed we'll write a note explaining to the TF what happened and place it under his pillow. He's extremely satisfied and now ready to show off the hole in his mouth to his Kindergarten friends.

So before bed last night, Nathan picks out some nice red paper. Asks me to write while he talks. It was ALL him and so honest, innocent.... hilarious (to me). I've already put it up so that he wouldn't find it on our dresser, but it went something like this:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I'm sorry that I do not have a tooth for you. I accidentally ate it with my cereal. I wanted to write you a note so you can still give me my surprise even though I don't have a tooth to give you. Next time I promise I will not chew it up. From, Nathan

He signed it himself and put stickers on it. He allowed Micah to draw on the outside and then placed it under his pillow.

As I tucked them in to bed, Micah asked me to stay with him. It's not abnormal for him to want someone to cuddle a bit, but Danny was gone to pick up a guy for Football training and I had to clean up the kitchen. So I tell him that I will, when I'm done, if he was still awake. He doesn't like my answer and says, "But I don't want the Tooth Guy to come in here." Ohhhh, my poor baby! In all this excitement he realized that someone he didn't know was going to be in their room. My goodness, I didn't want him to worry, so I explained that Daddy & Mommy were old friends with the Tooth Guy (that's what Micah calls him) and we'd never let anyone in our home that we didn't know and that he would lose his job if he woke up kids. Plus, only Nathan lost a tooth so he wouldn't be bothering Micah. Well, this conversation got Nate thinking and he asked if we were going to be awake when the TF came and should we have a snack and coffee ready for him? LOL!!

I tell you... I never thought that this stage (loosing teeth) would be so interesting and comical. Seriously. I have laughed so much the last couple of days with their curiosity over this whole topic. Parenting is fun-- especially in times like these.

Some random things: Nate was offended that I called them baby teeth. But was ok with it when I said he's had them since he was a baby. Micah's feelings were slightly hurt when he didn't have any teeth to put under his pillow to get a surprise, but then that stopped when the above conversation happened and he realized he didn't want someone in his room. Nate thought that hole was permanent. He's now happy a 'big kid' tooth will come, but is worried it will hurt. Around 5:30am (today) he woke us up with a loud, excited voice: "The TF came and gave me a coin! The letter is gone!" Us: "That's great! Now go back to bed."

I'm also excited that something big and exciting happened for him. I know in just a few weeks my parents will be arriving and so will our baby girl. So though the boys are excited about having a sister and visitors, I'm glad a big event happened where we can all really focus on it for Nathan. Now I just need something for Micah :) Actually, Danny is working on panting their room for them and giving it a fresh look.

Ok, that's all for now. Going to meet a friend for coffee.


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