Saturday, May 22, 2010

Catching up...

Only 2 posts in April and then it's been a month since I wrote at all! Having 3 kids is taking me for a ride. haha. If it's taken me this long to write then I doubt I want to drag the "catching up" posts to take a long time so I'm going to try and make this quick, but fun :)

  • Nathan is now 6 yrs. old!!!! I'll post pictures soon. He is waiting on his 2nd tooth to fall out. It's hanging by a thread... not kidding. He is really absorbing spiritual things too. The thought process he goes thru during devotions is amazing to us. Also, Nathan is finishing up Kindergarten and will begin the 1st grade this fall. Oh dear. Where has my baby gone?!? He is an excellent big brother! He is so loving to Gracie. He helps entertain her by singing and she will stop crying to focus on him. Nate & Micah are the best of buddies.... yes, they still have those less than desirable "moments", but all in all they do everything together ;)
  • Micah is 3 1/2 and just hilarious! His German is coming along so fast! He comes home from Kindergarten just gabbing away in German and then he'll stop mid-sentence sometimes and I think it dawns on him that he can speak English because he's home. Micah gets some of his verb placement confused in English and it's cute. His mind is still trying to straighten out German/English. We're so proud of him and Nate! Micah is very proud and protective of Gracie. When I take her to pick up the boys from school she draws quite a crowd of kids, parents and teachers. Micah wants to show her off, but don't get to close to her or he'll be in your lap too or close enough to keep an eye on you.
  • Gracie is completely better since coming home from the hospital. She is 3 months now! Smiling, cooing more, and tries her hardest to pull forward in a sitting position when you hold her. She sleeps about 8 hrs. at night after her last feeding. Rested parents make the whole world look better :)
  • A week after Gracie came home from the hospital we had to make a day trip to Vienna to get her passport and other American documents. We had a good trip and it went very smooth. The disappointment of the day was that T.G.I.F was closed---AGAIN! The last time we were there for a passport renewal it was closed for the day too. It's not the best restaurant by any means, but when you don't have a lot of choices for American restaurants it's a nice alternative. But Danny did make a stop at Starbucks for me! Ohhh yeah!
  • In APRIL we welcomed a new niece! Erynn Linsey Wiese was born on April 27th! She was born the day before my dad and brother, Zach's birthday (almost had 3 generations sharing a birthday). Zach & Jill are the proud parents and Anna is the proud sister! I can NOT wait to meet my nieces!
  • Danny's football schedule is in full swing. They have practice a couple of night's a week and games on Saturdays (well, only have 5-6 games I believe). He's enjoying it and the opportunities for ministry are awesome. Nate & Micah LOVE watching their Daddy play. They yell and scream his name or his number (#73) from the stands. There are a couple of other guys on the team that are given the honor of being cheered for by name/number. What can I say? Our boys love football.
  • Our church plant is going well. We have a young couple that is interested and we look forward to seeing them get more involved. We have done "live" music a few times. One family is very musically talented and it's so much fun singing with them. I have started guitar lessons and can't wait to see how that goes. I bought a guitar last summer, but being pregnant with Gracie and just this and that took over. I also was nervous about starting something new and just didn't have the "go get it" attitude. Now I'm determined, thanks to a friend who is the same age and a mom that is also taking some lessons.
  • The month of May is full of holidays for Austria. So there are a lot of long weekends. It's also a birthday month for us. Our family just has one (Nate's), but we have some very good family friends here and that brings more birthday parties and cook outs :)
  • The weather has been much cooler than usual for May. Spring is here, but it didn't completely kick the coolness in the air out the door. I don't mind it really... I've never been a fan of sweating and just heat. But it does pose a challenge in getting the kids dressed for school in the morning that won't suffocate them by mid day.
Ok, so I believe those are the highlights. I'm sure your life is now complete ;) There were the Dr. visits and the kids getting shots, but they didn't enjoy those so I'm sure you are ok without the obvious details of who cried tears and said, "I don't want one!!!"

So now I'll work on pictures to put on here. Have a wonderful week!

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