Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nate!

May 20th: Nathan celebrated his 6th birthday. He had been asking for a BIG party for months and wanted it at home so he could invite a few more friends (it's much cheaper than going to a play place that a lot of kids do for their bdays).

Well, first of all we had a great time, but I don't know what I was thinking ;) haha. There were 17 kids at our house! haha. Not all of them were Nate's age. The way their Kindergarten works is that the class is full of kids ages 3-6 yrs. So Micah & Nate share a lot of the same friends. This is Nate's last year in Kindergarten and so probably the last year that he & Micah will "share" friends for awhile. It turns out that this year many of Nathan's friends have siblings Micah's age and they all started this last fall. So we (and by 'we' means also Nathan) not only invited the kids that are Nathan's age, but also their sibling that would be Micah's age (he wanted those other kids too. I didn't talk him into it or even ask...he said they were his friends and Micah would enjoy having them here too. He is a kind-hearted boy.). Micah plays with both siblings as well and I figured that was probably true for the other kids. I know what it's like to have one kid be invited to a friends house and not the other. I also know it will happen many more times in life and we'll deal with that later, partly because the boys will be older and explaining it will be easier. But Micah is 3 yrs. old.... in his eyes "so-n-so" is also his friend and he is hurt/confused why he isn't invited over to that kids house when they play together at school just fine. So I didn't want to put another parent in that situation.

The 'before being a mommy' part of me would have just thought, "the kid will get over it..... I am not babysitting a bunch of kids just so someone doesn't cry." But it's more than that... it's putting myself aside and showing my kids I think they are important.

The party theme was requested: Soccer (or Football or Fußball, depending on your country). I get nervous the older the boys get because their creative minds are superior to my simple brain. Thankfully, I found a soccer ball pan at the last minute--of all places--Toys r' Us!

Here are the pics of the day:

Nathan, Daddy & I love you. We are so proud of the young man God is developing you into.

Just like I tell you every night...
"you're my favorite Nathan in the whole world!"

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mommyx5 said...

great job on the cake! Looks like you all had a blast!