Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We like going to parks. We sometimes ride our bikes there (but this year will have to be by car or walking since Gracie isn't ready to ride in our bike seats behind me or Danny. The boys have so much fun running all over the place and climbing on everything! We have a little plastic slide that the boys have pretty much outgrown at our house and we'd love to build them a "big kid" swingset/fort type of playground. But till we can do that we make use of the parks around our area.
The boys have become accustomed to me following them around with a camera and saying, "wait just a sec... look at mommy before you slide down." or "stand by your brother... you guys look so cute!" For the most part they comply ;) haha. One day they will be very appreciative of all the pics and memories of their childhood. I know I go thru boxes of photos at my parents and grandparents house just about every time we go back to the States.

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Terri said...

Such wonderful pictures!!!!!