Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grillin', Friends, & a Baby!

This Spring we had quite a few friends over to our house to grill out. Many were part of our church 'family' and some were friends we had made thru the Kindergarten. It's always so much fun watching our kids interact with their friends. We've been blessed with some really great families here!
One particular family has 2 boys-Fabian is about a month a half younger than Nathan. Felix is about 9 mo. younger than Micah. Well, halfway thru my pregnancy with Grace, this family found out they were expecting too!!!! Immediately their boys and ours were wishing for a girl. We knew Gracie was coming, but our friends wanted to be surprised (I was going crazy the last 4 months! haha).
We were asked to be on call for our friends if they needed someone to pick up the boys. Well, the due date was last week and I was getting nervous the baby wouldn't arrive before we left for the States. I talked with R Sunday night and all was well. So today I'm driving home from my guitar lessons and I get a text with a photo.... they had a baby GIRL this morning!!!! She is soooo beautiful! The boys were already at school for the day I guess and their Grandma was available. Our boys are ecstatic for them too!

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