Monday, June 28, 2010

'Round here...

Some phrases/conversations/actions heard 'round here :)

-The boys pronounce the movie "Beethoven" = Baytogen (sounds like).

-In desperation & running thru the house, Micah hollers, "Where's the paaccci?!? Baby Gacie is cying!" (misspelled words on purpose)

-Nate is depressed because Micah went home with friends while he was in the ambulance. So talking to Danny he says, "This is a bad day. Do you know why, Daddy?" Danny: "Why, buddy?" Nate: "Because I broke my arm & now I can't go play with my friends."

-Nate gagging. Me asking what is wrong. He answers, "Gracie is frowing up!" I run into the living room curious as to why he'd say that & see a baby girl drooling with a tad of milk mixed in. (Nate is easily grossed out!)

-I get up to help Danny finish getting the boys dressed for Kindergarten (I sleep in a little since I feed Gracie late at night). I'm half asleep (and not a morning person--at all.) and putting Micah's shoes on and he says, "Mommy, what that smell?" I have no clue so I sorta mumble "I dunno." He leans in.... "it's your breaf (breath) Mom." Gee... thanks son, Good Morning to you too.

-Micah, walking in the door from Kindergarten on Nate's 3rd day back since he broke his arm and he's a bit whiney, "Mommmm.... I have an ouwer!" (this is "owie" with a German spin on the word. Also, I have to say that both boys usually don't care that they have a scratch on themselves or anything.... they're quite tough, so I can tell it's been a rough couple of days with all the attention Nathan is getting). I drop what I'm doing and follow him to the bathroom. He sits on the edge of the tub and I get the cleaning stuff and band-aids out. I ask him to show me the "ouwer". He turns his left hand upward and I search and search... finally I see the little scratch. Me: "Oh wow... you got a scratch. How did that happen?" Micah: "I don't know." Me: Well, it's all clean now and here's the band-aid. I hope it feels better. I love you." Micah: "Tanks, I gonna show Nate."

-Again, Micah coming in one day from Kindergarten. He has some dried dirt/mud on his neck and shirt. So I tell him to follow me to the bathroom to get cleaned up before sitting down at the table for lunch. Me: "Micah, how did you get dirt all over you?" Micah: " (Boys name) did it." Me: "Well, that wasn't very nice. Why do you think he did that to you?" Micah: "Because I put dirt on him....." I'm about to start a discussion about being nice to others/doing unto others, etc. when he finishes his thought. "... because I don't like him." If you remember Danny blogged about Micah and this little boys awhile back (click on 'Conversations with Dad-part one'). Apparently, Micah can not bring himself to like this little boy. I'm really curious as to why because Micah, though shy at times, seems to like everybody.

-Nathan walking towards the downstairs door with a can of hairspray. When asked what he was doing he replied, "going to kill an animal." I thought I should check what kind of "animal" he was going to take out with hairspray AND why it was in my house! But it was an already dead beetle. I guess he wanted to be sure ;)

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