Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Random highlights of our trip to the States (in no particular order):

*Time with family (meals, chats, shopping trips, quality time, laughing, crying, hugging, playing games, vacation, photo ops)
*Chick fil-a (honey mustard and chicken strips)
*Gas prices
*Target (pretty much the whole store)
*TVLand (all the oldies, but goodies)
*TaMolly's (or technically Don Pablo in SS)
*Kohl's (always great sales)
*Cereal choices (almost made my head hurt though)
*Sonic (shakes and popcorn chicken)
*Dr.'s offices being open all day during the week
*Walmart (I know those that live there are sick of it... but you appreciate it when you don't have it)
*Taco Cabana (this is Danny's contribution)
*Being able to put ALL my trash in one trash can (though recycling is great.... we break ours up in 11 different ways, I think... it's been awhile since I actually counted)
*Seeing dear friends
*Stores open when you need them
*TexMex food
*Yankee Candles
*Long talks with brothers/sisters
*Flavored creamers/coffee
*Air-conditioned homes
*cheaper clothes
*Watching cousins meet each other for the first time
*Seeing siblings be parents
*Steak 'n Shake (shakes and a Frisco melt!)
*Cowboys Stadium
*Chili's queso

Things we missed in Austria while in the States:

*Slower pace of life
*Healthier foods (less if no preservatives at all in foods here)
*Lack of fast food/restaurants everywhere
*Great friends
*Our home
*Summer vacation with friends to beach in Italy
*Sidewalk cafe's
*Family time (just the 5 of us)
*Tolerable heat in the summer time
*Strong coffee (coffee in the US now taste like tea to us)
*Play dates (seems like I meet up with other moms and their kids 3-4 a week for play dates and coffee)
*Our church
*Lack of Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy... easier on the budget ;)
*The lady that cuts my hair
*Controlling our eating habits are easier here
*Grocery stores in the mall :)
*Looking for imported stuff and getting giddy over it!

These lists aren't exhaustive... but gets the point across. We believe we are blessed to have 2 places that we miss and love. People in both places that we miss and love. God is good.

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