Thursday, November 18, 2010


We BELIEVE God wants only what is good for us... and at this time what HE deems as good for us is to have you, dear Bryan, in Heaven. But oh how our hearts ache... and yet rejoice that you are no longer in pain... and that is comforting to us.

You were an excellent husband to my dearest friend, Melanie. You were a fantastic father to Abbi & Ella. Oh how I struggle to wrap my thoughts around the timing of this precious, yet to be born SON of yours.

You are so special to Danny & I.... the memories that have flooded our minds in the last 24 hrs. are so innumerable and we are soooo grateful for them. Being in Austria right now feels like the worst thing.... but HE knew. HE does know. Oh how we want to be there to honor your memory and to show your family how much we love and miss you. Oh how this hurts.

The friendship, the support we've given each other, the laughs, prayers for each other, tears, jokes, singing, road trips, sarcasm (yeah... we both know we dished it out), the weekend long hangouts as couples (sweet Abbi in her toddler innocence laughing at us all), game nights, the holidays, the traditions, our children's births and the babies gone before us....

You & Melanie are the definition of the old saying "A good friend knows all about you and likes you anyway." We promise to pray, love, and care for your family as we would our own.

"God is too wise to be mistaken. God is to good to be unkind. So when we don't understand. When we can't trace His hand. Trust His heart."


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