Friday, November 12, 2010

Caldwell Time

This past summer with all the traveling we had to do for our ministry, we also made sure to have time with each of our families. Oh what fun we had with all of them! We are truly blessed to have parents and siblings that love us, pray for us and support our ministry in Austria. It makes it easier living here knowing they are not resentful that we are so far away and yet it also makes it harder because we'd love to live life right along side each other and watch our kids grow up with their cousins. But as my Grama told me a long time ago when I asked her how she & my Papa could deal with their only son and family moving to the other side of the world, "I'd rather have you all living on the other side of the world and in God's will then across the street and out of it."

A few of the Caldwell clan spent
a week in San Antonio, Tx.
Micah, Zaylee, Nate
Cousins-- born 4 days apart on different continents
Aunts and Cousins
Danny's sis & her hubby
Sweet or Mischievous?

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