Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oatmeal on Sundays

I can't believe that I just made oatmeal on a Sunday for my kids!

Ok, allow me to explain the irony... just plain hilariousness of it all (well to me... and probably my brothers). My mom, 99% of the time made oatmeal for breakfast on Sundays because it was filling and an easy meal to make on a morning that was usually quite busy and rushed (which I now understand since I'm a mom). As kids we hated it. My goodness we would complain! Then when we were told it was oatmeal or nothing till lunch (and when your Dad is the pastor, lunch isn't always at the "normal" lunch hour and it may be awhile) well, you find a way to choke it down or starve ;)

I'm not real sure why we disliked it so much because honestly, my mom was IS a great cook. Thankfully, she would allow us to "doctor-it-up". The amount of milk and sugar that was added was pitiful on our part. I was never a fan of oatmeal.

After Danny & I were married a few years I bought some flavored oatmeal (the packet kind) for Danny and discovered that I actually liked flavored oatmeal. I was flabbergasted! Yes, of course! Add cinnamon or brown sugar! That's brilliant!

Which brings me to today.... it's a cool morning and the cereal box is low, so I thought a nice warm bowl of homemade oatmeal would be yummy. I had a nice laugh to myself when I realized I was making oatmeal on a Sunday! My kids have learned to like oatmeal because of the flavor element. Sorry, Mom... if only the oatmeal had been flavored..... oh the possibilities :) hee hee! So maybe this post is pointless to many of you, but I wanted to write it for memory sake and let my family have a little chuckle.


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