Monday, December 13, 2010

Random conversations

Me: Micah, finish your cereal.
Micah: I can't.... it's fluffy.
Me: What?
Micah: Look... they're all fluffy.
Me: Oh, well we call cereal that looks like that.... soggy.

(Boys are playing "Bolt" the video game with Danny)
Nate: Dad... those bad guys are kicking your tail.

Micah: Grace, I love you.... fa-eva. (forever) Now while you're all "awwing" he also said that to Buster our dog.

Nate: Micah, I'm so proud of you. (while Micah was trying to figure something out)

This past week I was helping Nate with his reading homework (he's not overly enjoying reading. He understands everything said to him in German, so to have him read aloud and then understand it, encourages him to read since he does speak German quite well). He was tired and a bit grumpy and wanted to be done so he could go play with Micah.
Me: Sound it out... t--a--
Nate: Mom, I know what that says.
Me: Ok, then let's hear it.
Nate: T-a-s-t-e-n (german word)
Me: Good. What does it mean?
Nate: I don't know... I just read the words.

Having boys in the house always makes for interesting bathroom visits. So it's not uncommon for me to holler "flush the toilet!" or "did you wash your hands?" Now with that in mind... here is a conversation I had with Nathan last week.

Me: Nate, flush the toilet when you're done!!
Nate (in a snickery voice): I was saving it to show Micah!

I don't even want to know why he felt the need or if they had some kind of running prank between each other... maybe it is better to not know.

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