Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family visit in pictures

We visited Maribor, Slovenia. It's one of our cities we always take guests... it's only 45 minutes away, has some interesting sights (like the balcony from which Hitler spoke in his only visit to Slovenia, as we were told. See the 2nd picture down on left), and it's another country our guests can say they were able to visit :)

Then there is the always fun and exciting Vienna! It's our capital and of course, a tourist hot spot. We saw St. Stephens Cathedral... I stayed with the babies while everyone else took the tour of the catacombs. Danny & I went back in 2002 and it was very interesting and a bit creepy. We ate at a nice restaurant with typical Austrian cuisine. Took pictures and then found ourselves in the middle of a HUGE protest about Libya. The crowd was not happy. A treat for me was to stop at Starbucks for my favorite mocha frappuccino! O deliciousness.

So there is a little insight into our time together. I'm sure I'll have some more random pics, but for memory sake I think I covered the highlights.... well, the ones I'm willing to share with the world wide web ;) Some family jokes and laughs stay with family.... especially since I'm the writer here and many jokes were made at my expense. haha.

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