Saturday, August 06, 2011

August 6th

I know people say it a lot, but I really can't believe the last 12 years have just flown by.... there have been a couple of years here & there that seemed full of discouragement and just dragged on, but here we are.... 12 years of fun, laughter, smiles, joys, accomplishments, and 'dancing in the minefields' (a song by Andrew Peterson) and we are no longer the 20 & 21 year old kids getting married in Ft. Worth, Texas. We are older and hopefully, wiser in many areas ;)

Every anniversary that we celebrate and reflect on the last year we realize more and more what people who have much more experience in marriage mean when they say "we are more in love with each other today than the day we married". It's true.... our commitment, our love, our vows, our children, the joys, the sorrows, the good days and bad days..... the richer or poorer part is not a feeling... it's a choice and a promise to love each other the way Christ loves each of us. The good and the bad.

Danny & I are blessed to have families that make a point to love us and pray for us. To have the support of family and friends is wonderful and a great reminder of the witnesses we had on that day in August 1999. Just today we received phone calls/ichats from some of our siblings and a skype chat with sweet college friends that will soon celebrate 12 years as well!

August 6, 1999

Happy Anniversary to us!

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