Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 'C' word

A couple of months ago my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was in the early stages and we are very thankful. It was 'stumbled' upon... he was actually having a physical because he wasn't feeling well and that is when they discovered his gall bladder wasn't acting right. Because his Dad, my Papa, has had the same cancer they thought they should do a bit more of a thorough exam and sure enough... the biopsy showed that there were cancerous cells. He had the gall bladder surgery first and then needed time to recoup and then with the arrival of a new grandson (my brother & sis in law had their first baby! Titus Matthew Wiese. Another post with photos regarding his adorable-ness will be forth coming!) he didn't want to be dealing with another surgery during that joyful time.

So this past Monday he had surgery and in terms of the cancer all went well. But he apparently takes very well to anesthesia and had a bit of trouble breathing on his own after they took all the tubes out. So he was re-tubed many times. It is a little scary when the Dr.'s are telling my mom & brother that they don't know why this is happening... but after many tests to rule out "everything else" they tried one more time to remove the tube late Monday night and thankfully he continued to breathe on his own.

As of right now though we are praying that he can go home soon (nobody likes spending time in a hospital). He was scheduled to do so yesterday, but some of his levels weren't quite right and he had a fever. Pray for his continued health/recovery, mom's strength as she cares for him, Matt & Sherina (& Titus.... can't leave that guy out!) as they fill the gap at church (if you didn't know M & S live in NY and work with mom & dad). Pray for Zach, Jill, & their girls.... and our family as we all wish we could be there to help out in anyway possible. They have a great church family and I know that they will be taken care of just fine.


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