Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So here are some events for which I've not posted photos (mainly because until just a couple of months ago I didn't have enough room on my laptop to download anymore photos... I'm at approximately 18,000 photos in my iphoto library!) Thanks to my wonderful g'parents for hooking me up with a fabulous external hard drive that has a TON of memory!

May 2011- Nathan's Birthday

Spring/Summer 2011-Church plants (north & south of Graz)

Micah's Kindergarten class visited our local Fire Department. All the kids had a great time (Micah was in 4 yr. old Heaven)! Nathan's class went to play Tennis, I had to pick which class to help and I had not gone on too many trips with Micah's school. Nate enjoyed learning and wants to take lessons now.

The end of school activities had us quite busy between the Volkschule (Elementary) and the Kindergarten programs/class parties. Danny is on the Elternverrein (PTA equivalent) and they host the end of school year party for the whole Volkschule. It really is so much fun being involved in the community and school.

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