Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A new look...

It's time to freshen things up. 

I like rearranging our house quite a bit, so I'm a bit shocked that I've not messed with our blog more, but 3 kids (one of whom has homework every. single. day), a ministry, a house to try to keep from getting buried with all the "living" we do here, being involved with our community, or just having meetings through out the week keeps me from sitting down and trying to amuse you or enlighten you with something I might've just discovered (which I'm told by my hubby isn't usually all that newly discovered... to the rest of the world). 

Danny has been teaching himself to design websites for a while now and I'm so proud... all that html language makes my head spin!  I found this background online, but he did all the other arranging and personalizing for me. He's working on our personal website, but with blogger I had to update it when I made changes (today), so this one is a little bit ahead of the overall new look that is-a-comin'!  Yay!


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Gina said...

Love it! Looks great!