Monday, January 09, 2012

No Fear! Just Belief!

Yesterday my sermon came from John 14:1-20. The story takes place right at the end of Jesus' earthly life. He is imparting some final words to his disciples. He is preparing them for what is about to happen. He begins by saying don't be afraid, rather believe in God and in me (being that they are one in the same). He proceeds to share with them that he is the Way, the only means of coming to God. He is the Truth not just for some but for all. He is the Life, the source and giver of it. Outside of him there is no life.

He continues by telling his disciples that he has a great plan for their lives. They will, in fact, do greater things than Jesus himself did, not greater than what he accomplished on the cross, but that they would physically carry the message of what he accomplished on the cross further that Jesus himself physically did. We also have that great privilege.

Next he tells them, that even though he is leaving, they will not be disconnected from him. He shares with them two great gifts that God has given us all. First, we have access to God through prayer. Just as the disciples could talk with Jesus before his death, they would be able to do so after his ascension. Secondly, he said, even though I am physically leaving I am not leaving you alone like an orphan. The then told them about the Holy Spirit, which is in fact Jesus living in us as he describes in John 14:20. Jesus is in God (as he is God). Believers are in him (through faith). He is in believers (in the form of the Holy Spirit).

Life in this world is not always easy. Sometimes we need to be reminded not to be afraid of what it throws at us. No matter the situation, Jesus' words of comfort to his disciples apply to our life situations as well. Don't be afraid. Don't be discouraged. Don't give up. Just believe in Jesus (John 14:1). We need nothing else. There is nothing else. There's only Jesus. Stop trusting what you can do and believe what he has done! That is not the starting point with God. That is all there is. We walk by faith!



Lantrips said...

Great message Danny!

Jamie said...

Amen! I must decrease daily and let him increase! I can do nothing with out him. Great message and great reminder!