Friday, January 27, 2012

Yay for technology!

This webcam photo is from last Fall, but it's just one of those pics I look at often because it just makes me so thankful for technology (my dad & youngest brother are missing from this pic.). I miss them all so much.  My g'parents are so cool... they are in their early 80's and are very up to date with how to keep in touch with family!

My family is very accustomed to being physically far from each other (if you're new here... I grew up in Asia from 2 yrs. till high school graduation). Honestly, we don't really like it, but it's just the way it is for us. So our times together are that much more special.  But when you're living a life you believe God is leading you to live, then you find a peace that passes all understanding.

If you're blessed to be living near family... appreciate it.

Last fall my grandparents also did something incredible... something I pray that God grants me & Danny.... a 60th wedding anniversary!!  I'm so proud to have them and my parents (going on 36 years of marriage) as well as Danny's parents to have as examples of going thru life together side by side.

Is this photo not awesome?!?  
We love you, Papa & Grama!!!


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