Monday, March 12, 2012

It's not about the numbers...

... but knowing more people besides your own family will be at church is always encouraging.  The last month or so we've seen a steady growth with attendance ranging from 18-25 each Sunday.  We are thankful for the D family that has been in Graz this year and also attending... they have been a great source of encouragement and will be missed when they return to Germany.

Danny has been doing a lot of counseling over the last few months and we've also counseled a couple together. Keep us in prayer and that we would speak the Truth in love and God would give us wisdom in dealing with each unique situation.  Pray for these families as well.  Some of them know Christ personally, some just accepted Him, and some do not have a relationship with Him.

Pray for leaders to rise up. Pray for the Bible study Danny is leading with a group of men. Pray for families to be restored. Pray for those seeking jobs.

Prayer is so powerful! God already knows what is on our hearts.... but when we pray and ask for His will to be done and we see Him answer... it gives us yet another opportunity to praise Him for working things out for HIS HONOR and HIS GLORY. Sometimes His will and our desires match up... sometimes they don't (and if I'm being honest sometimes I have a little tantrum and tell Him my idea was better and then I end up eating my words).  Yet, He will only do what is best for us and since He sees the big picture, I'm much more at ease with Him leading then myself... really.


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