Thursday, April 05, 2012

Back when the snow was melting...

We had a very mild winter... no joke. It is now April and in the past we've either had snow falling or at the very least had so much snow on the ground it was a waiting game for when we'd see our yard. But this winter season I think we had 3 separate times when it snowed. When it did finally snow it didn't stick around very long. So when the last snow started to melt the kids were itching to get out there and play. I have no problem letting the kids get out there and get dirty. My rule is... once you get yucky (read: gross, muddy, wet, dirt in places you didn't know you could get dirty)... stay out there and play for a looooong time because when you come inside it'll be bath time and all clothes go straight to the laundry room in the basement. Of course, hot chocolate will be waiting too.

What made the experience this year, a tad bit more interesting is that little sister wanted to join in the fun. She has no problem keeping up with the boys. Grace has her moments where she doesn't like to get dirty and will insist on having her hands wiped clean (like at the table for a tiny speck of food on her pinky), but she did quite well playing in the mud and not getting worried about the amount of yuck all over her body.

I think the series of photos below tell the story... I like the last one... the only place she struggles is her speed... it takes her a bit longer to catch up with them. But when she does...


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