Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Biblical Counseling

Since the fall of 2012, Danny & I have been pursuing training for Biblical Counseling.  It is discipleship.... just taking it up a notch.  As believers we should be prepared to give an answer/defense to anyone for the hope that is in us (I summed I Peter 3:15 there).  When anyone, especially a fellow believer is in need of encouragement or counsel.... we should be prepare to share the Gospel with them.  There are passages of Scripture that I am familiar with and can easily share with others, but over the years I haven't dug in to my Bible like I should have been doing to use the Bible to it's full extent.  There is always something to learn!!

We were confronted in Austria with issues that were just over our heads.  So we have spent the last 2 years attending conferences and reading, reading, reading some books that are so helpful in how to use the Gospel to BIBLICALLY counsel those that are seeking help to restore their marriage, family issues, addictions, etc.

God has allowed us to do this already while back in the US.  Some of it in a more formal setting and some just sitting across from friends as they pour out their struggles.  It is not easy to watch someone struggle, but it is a joy to have a front row seat as God restores what was broken because of sin....

Ephesians 1:10 and Colossians 1:20 --Christ will unite/restore/reconcile to Himself all things.  Oh what a day that will be!


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