Saturday, December 31, 2005

Looking Back

Usually, the end of the year is a time when we reflect on what we have accomplished over the past year and what we want to do differently next year. As I think back over our family in 2005, I notice many changes in us. I'll list a few.

In the past 365 days our German has drastically improved, though we still have a ways to go. Our circle of friends in Austria has enlarged. Not only do we have more friends, but our friendships have grown deeper. Our ministry has also expanded in 2005. I preach about once a month in the Baptist Church and Krista sings regularly (in German) with the praise team. Because my German is better I can also communicate God's Word better in the Persian Ministry. Currently, I am going through a discipleship course with an Iranian man who is then teaching the material to the entire group in Farsi. Krista has also been able to have a greater influence in the Mother/Child group that she and Nate attend. In 2006 they will be doing "Secret Sister" because of her suggestion.

Nate has obviously, changed the most out of all three of us. In 2005 he has gone from barely being able to walk to running so fast that it is hard to catch him. In January 2005 he could not utter a word. Now it is hard to keep the boy quite (I won't say which parent he takes after in that respect). He doesn't know a lot of words but he knows how to use the ones he does know. He has also grown up from a chubby little baby into a tall, not so chubby little boy. He has gone from starring at the TV because of all the pretty colors to laughing at the funny parts at the right time. When I look at him I am so amazed and so proud.

Many people make resolutions this time of year. I have never been big on that, but I do think goals are important. My goals for 2006 are to improve my German, to be able to start a home Bible study in German, to finally begin work on my Masters Degree, to be a better husband to Krista and a better father to Nate and most importantly to grow closer to God. Maybe today's blog was more for me than for you but maybe you can follow suit and do some reflection of your own. Feel free to post your reflections as a reply to todayƂ’s blog. Well, I guess I will talk to you next year. Have a great rest of 2005 and a great New Year.


P.S. Check out our web site [ ]. There is a Free 2006 Calendar available to download and print. I will warn you that it is a large file and could take up to 2 minutes to download with dial-up. Enjoy!

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