Sunday, January 01, 2006

Long Night, Long Day

Being that last night was New Year's Eve, I stayed up way too late as you probably did as well. It was worth it though, I think. I find it amazing to watch the Austrians bring in the New Year. At midnight the skies light up with fireworks. Really this begins earlier in the evening, but at midnight everyone shoots them off at once. I have never been in a war zone, but this has to be what it sounds like, only with pretty colors and celebration, rather than pain and suffering. It is so loud and the smoke is so thick you can hardly see. Rockets shoot across the sky from every direction and explode all around you. They are only getting started at midnight. The fireworks continue strong for about an hour but continue into the morning on a smaller scale. At 3:00 I was still hearing fireworks. It is difficult to paint a clear picture with words. It is really something to be experienced. Also they don't have laws here forbidding fireworks to be set off inside the city limits or if they do they are not enforced. I was driving down the street last night past a firehouse of all places, and the firemen where shooting off fireworks 15 to 20 feet from the street. Really you have to see it. Words just don't do it justice.

After a long night, morning (or is it mourning?) came to soon. I think being tired always makes the seem day longer. Normally our Sunday morning worship service last an hour and a half. This morning it lasted two hours. At church I learned that the man who is supposed to teach in the evening Persian Bible study was sick, so I had get something together to lead that group. I already had a lesson prepared so it was not to difficult, but looking over it and preparing a handout cut out any chance to catch a much needed nap. A family in the church had invited me over for dinner after the Bible study since Krista and Nate are out of town. I had a very nice time but did not leave until 10:00 PM. After I got home, I called Krista to check on her and Nate. She was heading to Wal-Mart for the first time since being in the states, so she couldn't talk long. Now I'm setting here typing this blog trying to hold my eyes open and wondering why I'm not in bed. I gonna sign off on that note. Have a great day or at least what's left of it!


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