Monday, February 20, 2006

Cooking Skills

Living overseas has taught us many things. One area has been in cooking. Danny & I usually pride ourselves with our cooking skills, but living in Austria has made us crave certain foods. So when we have had cravings for something we experiment, sometimes that goes very well and sometimes not so well. We also have a few websites we like for ideas and recipes from restaurants. Now some of these things we can buy here but it's either expensive or just not as tasty as we'd like it to be.

So, things we've been able to come up with from 'scratch' are: Chilis (the restaurant) Queso, Corn Dogs, Deep Dish Pizza, Sausage (like good 'ole Jimmy Dean), Gravy & Biscuits, Chocolate Cake with Frosting, and Chili (although Danny perfected that before we moved here).

The topic of food today was brought to you by my pregnancy cravings.... today it was Chinese food. Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

How ironic, I "made" stir fry in the school cafeteria for dinner tonight. We have a line with "raw" ingredients and cold cooked rice and we put them in a pan to heat the rice, cook the vegetables and such, and put on sauces we want. I'm NOT a cook, so I was quite proud when I guy saw my stir fry and said it looked awesome. Lots of love, Julie