Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Lesson in Hospitality

Last night Krista, Nate and I were invited to dinner by a family that attends our Persian Bible Study. They served us a wonderful meal, consisting of homemade soup, chicken and the Iranian specialty, rice. We had a great time visiting with them. We have found the Iranian people to be particularly hospitable. As a people, they love entertaining guest. As many of the Iranians in Austria are, the family we visited, is living here as asylum seekers. As we looked at photo albums from their life in Iran, it was obvious that they had given up everything in order to flee the persecution they were experiencing under a corrupt political and religious regime (actually one in the same) back home. As a family of four, they currently live in a tiny apartment with only one bedroom, a living room (with a bunk bed in the corner) and a kitchen/bathroom (shower and sink in the kitchen). They share a community toilet with the other tenants of their building. Because of their asylum status, they are not allowed to work and therefore are forced to survive only on the meager social help they receive from the Austrian government. Despite their current situation, they were very generous hosts. Most of our Iranian friends are that way. They are a great people. Have a great day!


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