Monday, March 13, 2006

The Claw

Nathan's vocabulary is slowly starting to grow. Honestly the boy talks non-stop (I have no idea who he gets that from, ha ha), we just can't make out what he is saying. A few days ago, while I was changing his diaper I understood a new phrase that he says. Out of nowhere he said, "Da Clough!" That is his version of "The Claw" which is a game I play with him. I curl up my fingers and stare at my hand as if I have no control over it and say, "Oh no, the Claw." Then I tickle him until he can no longer stand it. I got it from a movie that came out while I was in college. You may have seen it. It was just so funny to hear him say it though and I don't think I had said it to him for a few weeks, but he had obviously picked it up and remembered it. Who knows he may have been saying it all along without our understanding. Now he says it all the time. It is so awesome to watch him learn new things. If you have kids I'm sure you can relate. Have a great day!


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