Friday, March 10, 2006

Need a laugh?

In our 19 months here in Graz, I have yet to really embarrass myself (which isn't that easy). But it was only a matter of time and today was the time. In my Deutsch course today we were playing a game where we put our hands in a bag and had to guess what we were holding, say it in German (naturally), and THEN pull it out to see if we were right. It came to me and of course all the good stuff that I really knew was already taken (cell phones, keys, pencils, etc.). As I put my hand in I feel around and I feel an ERASER. I had a moment of panic, then suddenly I remembered what it's called in German (or so I thought). I confidently say "Es ist ein Gummi" for the whole class to hear. My teacher looks at me rather weird and tells me to pull the item out of the bag. When she sees it and looking rather relieved, she says, "Das ist ein Radiergummi". Everyone is politely giggling and looking at me. I think, "Ok, so I forgot the 'radier' part." A girl next to me who speaks English whispers to me, "A gummi is a condom." Ok, that explains a lot.

Have a less embarrassing day than me!


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