Friday, April 07, 2006

Freitag (Friday)

I took my test yesterday and I thought it was pretty tough. I just hope I didn't do too bad on it and get bumped down too low. I like my class and I already have made friends with 2 girls that want to read the Bible with me. I'm on Spring Break for 2 weeks, so I'm really excited about the break!

Danny & Nathan worked on the yard today. Danny is going to begin to grow his own peppers, so a small garden patch has formed on the side of our house. Nathan is so fun to watch. He was right along side his Daddy being such a good helper.

I think I've caught a 'bug' because I've not been feeling well. I don't think I should stray too far from the house and I can't seem to keep anything down. I'm just worried about keeping the baby healthy.

Ok, so have a good weekend!!!


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