Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Got it back!

We got our car back today!!! Yeah! It took one week exactly and it looks good. They also got all the glass out of the car, thankfully. There was no problem either with the insurance paper work... that we know of ;) ha! Thank you to those who wrote saying you were praying and to those of you who read our blog and keep us in your prayers too.

Nathan is still sick... in fact, he gets more and more spots everyday. It has to get worst before it can get better. He is really doing well, just a little irritable at times, but I think we all have been since none of us are getting a good, full night's sleep.

I'm feeling the baby move a little now and then and it seems like just yesterday I was feeling Nathan move around, but also feels like a lifetime ago too. 'They grow up so fast' is a phrase we heard a lot and didn't deny it, but now being on the parenting side... oh how true that is!!!


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