Monday, May 08, 2006

Polka Dots are In

At least in our house they are. At the moment, Nathan is getting to experience something that so many of us experienced when we were children: Chicken Pox! As you can see from the photo below, he is completely covered with little red dots. He is handling it like a trooper, though. He has not really scratched, though he does rub his head and belly with the palm of his hand from time to time. His main problem with the whole ordeal, is that he is having trouble falling asleep at night and that is getting him into trouble.

Last night for example, I came into his room to find him going through a box of things that we keep (or used to keep) in his top dresser drawer. I thought I had taken everything away from him and put it away, but I later found out that I missed something. About thirty minutes after I left his room he came walking into the living room. My back was towards him, but I heard Krista ask, "What are you eating?" It turned out to be the keepsake bubble gum cigar that we gave out when he was born. He had it everywhere in his bed and on his clothes and also a big clump was stuck to his neck. He and his mom had fun trying to get that off while I cleaned up his room. I told Krista that I was glad that it wasn't a real cigar, though it would have definitely been easier to clean up!

I will be glad when he gets over this so he can start getting better rest, because that will also allow Krista and me to sleep better. It is hard to sleep when you worry about you two-year old roaming the house in the middle of the night, especially when you spook easily like I do. I'm sure Nathan is more concerned with getting rid of the itching rather than not scaring his dad, though. I guess we can all take comfort in knowing that this too shall pass. Have a great day!


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