Friday, May 26, 2006

Hair cut

I took Nathan to get his hair cut today. He needed a trim, but I didn't realize how much hair he really had till the lady cut it! I told her to go pretty short, it looks good. It took Danny a little bit to get used to it... I think because suddenly Nathan looked like a toddler, not a baby... our big 2 year old!

We thought we had been fighting off alergies, but I'm thinking we're all fighting off a cold now that we're going on the 3rd day and it's just not letting up. It's been okay though because I've had the last 2 days off from school for an Austrian holiday. I've tried to get some much needed house work done and rest too. Monday I have a big test and I'm thinking it will affect my grade more than any of the other test I've taken thus far. I just get so nervous when I hear "test"... I can't stand it!

Danny & I are enjoying a movie night tonight. Nathan didn't get a nap today, just would't fall asleep. So he is in bed about an hour earlier than usual... a nice chance to just chill out for us! Have a great weekend!


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