Thursday, May 25, 2006

Influencing People

As a minister, it is always my goal to have an impact on people's lives. Last week I had such an opportunity to influence my next door neighbor. As I was walking down the street to the bus stop I saw him working in his yard. I was not in a big hurry so I stopped to talk with him for a moment. He had just finished mowing his lawn and was now trimming the tall grass along his fence . . . with scissors. I jokingly told him that doing it that way was too hard and that he needed a trimmer (or weed eater for the Texans) like mine. A few days ago I saw that he was mowing his yard again. After he finished I heard a sound that I was not used to hearing. I looked out the kitchen window and noticed that he was trimming his yard with his brand new trimmer. I just laughed and then went to tell Krista what had happened. She found it funny as well. Though that is not necessarily the type of impact that I generally anticipate having on people, it is good to know that I'm making a difference. Lord willing, in the future I will have an opportunity to have an impact on him for Christ. Have a great one!


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