Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

It is 'Staatsfeiertag' (Labor Day) in Austria and so that means no school for me. I've used the morning to do housework. I've made lunch (Pancit a Filipino dish) and now Nathan is going down for a nap. We are getting together this afternoon with the Lantrips and a missionary family from Slovakia and a visiting pastor from the States. Should be a good time.

Sorry we've not updated on Melinda. She is out of the hospital (I think she only stayed the one night) and all the test came back normal. So they are not really sure what caused her to have stroke-like symptoms. Our friend back home, Penny came thru her heart surgery very well. Thanks for praying for both of these requests!

I took Nathan to the Dr. on Thursday and she said he had a little viral infection. The next morning he broke out in a rash and got me a little worried. He's rarely sickly. A runny nose every now and then but hardly ever do I take him the Dr. But he seems to be doing great now, whatever he had seems to have left and he's back to his normal energetic, all-boy self! He was a bottomless pit at lunch today. He ate 2 helpings of a Potato and Meat dish Danny made for lunch yesterday, then he had 4 helpings of Applesauce, and then some of the Pancit I made for lunch today! I'm quite sure he's feeling better! Ha-ha!

I'm adding a picture of Nathan dancing to one of his favorite songs. Have a wonderful day!


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