Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our May 1st

May 1st: We were behind 2 cars, stopped, waiting for the first one to make their left turn... but was waiting for oncoming traffic. We all had to stop rather abrubtly, but still had time and didn't even come close to hitting the car in front of us. So out of habit we looked to see who was behind us and it was a motorcycle and I remember looking at him long enough thinking he should slow down, but it's a bike and he could whip around us on the shoulder... but nope. He ran right into the back of us and he landed on my side of the car (passenger/front) so he was airborne. His bike ran up into our back window and shattered it and sent glass flying in. I looked at him to make sure he was ok before I jumped out and he was up and walking, then he realized there was a kid in the car and ran right behind me to the other side to check on Nathan. Nathan was shaken up and had glass in his car seat, but was fine. He sits behind Danny so his car seat (GOD) protected them from having glass fly at their heads. I got most of it flown at me. My hair had glass in it and I had a few cuts on my hand. Danny & I were really sore, but we're feeling good today. The guy immediately said it was his fault and his insurance would take care of it. So we took the car in today and we'll see. We're ok, just sore and a little shaky, the baby is fine, Nathan is fine and Danny is fine. Thankful that the guy is ok too and thankful that it was a motorcycle than a car... I may not be sitting here telling you about this for a few weeks if a car hit us!

Have a Safe day!


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