Thursday, June 22, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen Team USA

I don't know how closely you have followed the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals being played in Germany, but today the last two matches of Group E, the group containing the USA, Czech Republic, Italy and Ghana, were played. This was a very interesting group because, going into today's matches, all four teams had the chance to advance to the next level. The two games were played simultaneously which added to the excitement. In order for the USA to advance, they had to beat Ghana and Italy had to defeat the Czech team, which was ranked 2nd overall of the 32 qualifying teams according to the official FIFA rankings. Italy did their part and in doing so secured for themselves the top seat in the group. Unfortunately, the USA was unable to attain victory over the African team. That meant that Ghana, who most would have ranked 4th in the group, was able to advance to the next level in the number two seat. They will most likely face #1 ranked Brazil in the second round which should result in a get out of Germany early pass. However, anything can happen at this point and they did defeat the #2 ranked Czech Republic. Even if Brazil does knock Ghana out, they made it further than 16 other teams in the tournament, not to mention the hundred odd teams that did not even qualify for the tournament. If you get a chance, I would encourage you to tune in to a match and discover what sports fanatics from practically every other country of the world find so exciting.


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