Friday, June 23, 2006

The Feistels

Let me try to explain. Being an MK (missionary kid) I met lots of people growing up. I have friends in many countries and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with these people. One specific family is the Feistels, missionaries in Taiwan. I have never been to Taiwan, but on furloughs we'd go to camps or report to churches and sometimes other missionaries would be there and all of the kids would play and because of our life styles, we'd understand each other and become instant friends. When I went to BBC for college, an MK who knew what homesickness was like took me and another MK in (my roomie), and some othe girls, and just loved on us. Susan would feed us great Asian foods and we'd all pitch in from whatever Asian country we grew up in. Two years ago Susan died. It was a shock. She was visiting her parents in Taiwan while on a business trip and went swimming and got caught in an undertow. She drowned. Her husband was back in the states. Ever since then I have kept up with her parents, having never met her parents though, I do write her mom e-mails a few times. I pray for them often. Carol, Susan's mom, writes a blog and I've kept up with them thru that... Malcom, Susan's dad, began fighting cancer a year or so ago and they were in Missouri for medical treatment. He started battling even harder in the last few weeks and the time of his passing was soon. I got an e-mail this morning that said he passed away yesterday. I know he's now feeling no pain, he's seen his Savior, and seen Susan, but my heart still hurts for the family that is left behind. Please pray for the Feistels. If you get the chance, read Carol's blog. It's such an encouragement when she writes... read past blogs and read what she learned in her devotions.


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