Tuesday, June 20, 2006

He DOES Have a Clue

It is very interesting to watch your children begin to grow-up and mature. Nathan is only two years old and most of the time we assume he has no clue as to what is going on in life. He continually proves us wrong. Last week, for example, he did something that surprised us both. As you may have already read in the previous post, we made a day trip to Vienna last Friday. As we were strolling down the "tourist strip" walking toward St. Stephens Cathedral (which, as a side note, is an awesome sight to see), and we noticed that Nate was pointing up at something and trying to get our attention. He, of course, was kicked back and relaxing in shaded stroller seat while Krista and I endured to the direct heat of the blazing sun. Ok, maybe I'm over dramatizing the story and getting a bit of subject. So, Nathan is setting in his stroller pointing up at something trying to get our attention. Krista and I both looked up and tried to figure out what he wants us to see. After a moment we realized what had captured his attention. Two floors up, hanging off the side of the building and in the midst of several other signs, were two golden arches. With McDonald's and Burger King being the only two American restaurants in Graz (well, we also have Hooters but Krista won't let us go there for some reason, ha ha), we visit them quite often. I know that it is so sad that he recognized the sign, but it really showed us they he is paying attention. Hopefully he is catching on to more than just fast food restaurants. Have a great day!


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