Friday, June 16, 2006

Vienna Day Trip

We tried to make a Vienna day trip last week when I had some days off from school, but Nathan & I had just got over being sick and Danny was fighting it off so we called the trip off. So today I had off from school again and we made it to Vienna (only a 2 hr. drive) for the day and had T.G.I. Friday's!!! I had a good 'ole Cheeseburger and Danny some Cajun chicken tenders (ok, maybe you're thinking, "So what?" But for us it was a big deal... aside from MickyD's/Burger King we don't have much of the "American" selection in Graz. We only miss it occasionally, they have great cafe's and bread shops here. We walked around for a while and realized, "we're not tourist anymore" and got bored very quickly. So we walked over to Subway in hopes to take some home for supper and it was closed!!! They've shut down or moved, I don't know which... so we walked some more and decided to go home... we really just wanted to get out of Graz for the day and eat at Fridays', but more importantly we, ok I, wanted some Starbucks so that was our ride home treat. We walked there and I got a wonderful, cold, refreshing Mocha Frap! Mmmmm!!! It was a gorgeous day, hot, but nice. So got back on the Strassenbahn (streetcar) and headed to the parking garage we left our car at and we headed home!! Nathan enjoyed the drive, slept most of both ways and in between played with his cars. All in all a nice family day.


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