Monday, December 18, 2006

My Two Sons

Two posts in one day! Woo-hoo, I'm on a roll! Nah, I just forgot to add pictures.

Kiddie update: Nathan's vocab is growing every day. Yesterday he was brushing his teeth & I walked in to brush my hair (we were going to Bible study) he looked at me, touched my sweater and said, "Mom, so pwetty". My heart just melted. Micah is our bundle of joy. I'd say 'little' bundle of joy, but 'little' he is not :) He's growing & getting cuter every day. He is 9 weeks old and smiling all the time. Danny has one song he sings and no matter the situation...Micah stops crying or eating to smile & coo at him. Kids are fun...we had a rough start with Micah not having a schedule and he still doesn't, but we have at least figured out how much he wants to eat and a little cereal before bed & suddenly the world is not upside down anymore. Enjoy the pictures!


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felicia deaton said...

Hey guys! Those sure are some handsome boys you got there! We are praying for you all! Have a Merry Christmas!

Love, the Deatons