Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007, Here we come!


As I sit here I'm remembering life 10 years ago...

-I graduated high school, Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines where my family lived as missionaries. One of the best experiences of my life was attending there as a boarding student. It was hard at times being away from home at 16, but it helped me grow up and prepare for the next step.
-I started college, Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. I also started learning more about the working world and responsibility with money, time management, ministry opportunities.
-I met my 'future' husband (yes, I'm talking about Danny). We worked together in the Cafeteria. I remember thinking, 'He's so quiet, how am I gonna get him to talk to me?" He was my ride to church a few times (I didn't have a car till my 2nd semester). We had our first date on a Friday night and Sunday morning I was sick to my stomach and was taken to the E.R. where it was discovered that I had kidney stones... really bad ones! A friend called him and said I didn't need a ride to church and why.... he was at the hospital within the first 30 min. that I was there. Yeah, he's a keeper I said to myself.
-I made friends that are still some of our closest friends today.

Things in 2007 that I know will happen...

-Danny will celebrate his last year as a 20-something year old ;)
-Nathan will turn 3 (yikes!)
-Micah will turn 1 (time flies)
-We'll get to see some family by years end
-There will be a wedding on Danny's side of the family
-We'll celebrate 3 years in Austria
-Danny & I will celebrate 8 years of marriage

Things I hope to accomplish in 2007...

-Another semester of German
-I want to have a one on one Bible study with one of my friends
-I want to make a blanket....or something! I learned how to crochet awhile back and have yarn coming out my ears!
-Here's a big one, lose weight! I just had a baby...enough said.
-Get into a better rythm of reading my Bible

So, we hope your holidays were wonderful, relaxing, and filled with fun! A big 'Thanks!' to all of you who pray for us and keep in touch with us. You are such a blessing to us!


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Christy Middleton said...

i know can believe that 10 yrs ago we were running the hallways,reminding each other only a 4 more months til grad!!!