Monday, January 08, 2007


I just have a few minutes. I am home to shower, do some laundry and take a little nap. Nathan is with friends and Danny is with Micah at the hospital. Ok, Micah has been diagnosed with RSV. He's taking meds thru an I.V (in his sad looking), has monitors all over and is also on oxygen. He's in good hands and we know that whatever God has planned thru all of this it'll work out. I've already been able to briefly witness to a mom of the little boy sharing Micah's room. Pray for our little guys: Micah to recover quickly and for Nathan... he's sick too :( Danny & I, we are soooo very low on sleep!

My Mom will be arriving on Sat.!! She was planning on coming to see Micah for the first time anyway, but now what good timing to be of help to us. I just wish this wasn't how she was spending her time with us. Thanks for the prayers and email many of you have sent our way. It's such an encouragement to us.


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