Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Micah-Day 4 and counting...

God is faithful. Micah is doing ok. He's still on oxygen and has an I.V. although they are probably going to cut back on that today the Dr. said. He's been diagnosed with RSV. They said maybe he could come home early next week. I want him to get better, but that just absolutely broke my heart. They are doing therapy on him and then sucking out the 'crud' with a long tube up his nose and down his throat (which he really hates). I'm sleeping up at the hospital in a room down the hall with 2 other moms and Micah is a room with another baby that came in last night... I had just gotten Micah asleep and the other baby came in screaming and continued non-stop for 3 hrs!!! I felt for the mom, but at 1am I wasn't all that thrilled that he woke up Micah, who then began crying as well... so I joined in.

Danny isn't allowed to stay up at the hospital because the sleeping arrangements are for mothers only. Nathan is really missing me and Micah. He's still sick...running high fever every other day. So your prayers are much needed for everyone's health and clarity of thought for Danny & I.... we're being given so much information and I think my head has had it's fill... I can talk German in everyday situations, but I'm learning new terminology everyday and I have a headache at the end of everyday just trying to retain everything.

Thanks for keeping up with us.

Krista for us

ps--here's Micah & his tubes, then a picture of his therapy....oh, while I was typing this last part Danny called and they have just given us a mother/child room!!! Sooooo that means Danny can stay that night because it's just us in there now. I'll stay home tonight with Nathan, he'll be excited.

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felicia deaton said...

I am praying for you all! I hope little Micah gets home soon! He looks so sweet in the hospital bed. I know this is taking a toll and God is faithful. "This too shall pass.."