Saturday, January 13, 2007

Micah-Day 8

Many of you have asked for an update when I had a chance and I know I left you all hanging this week, so I'm sorry but you understand I hope...juggling 2 kids and running back and forth to the hospital...I've dubbed this last week "our valley". The great thing about valleys is there are mountains tops! So here's the latest:

On Thursday they took another x-ray of Micah (his 3rd since admission) and when the Dr. came to tell me how it looked I was ready for the typical... "No improvement yet" (because the day before the nurse told me that with therapy it would take minimum of 2 weeks to break up and that he was a very sick little boy). The Dr. walked in and she had a smile on her face and just looked surprised. She said, "It's all gone! His lungs are clear, I can't believe it." I got teary eyed and couldn't hardly believe my ears. How great is our God?!?!

Now, after all that excitement I knew though they weren't going to just release him. She said now they needed to deal with the inflammation and healing of his lungs. It's Saturday night and he's doing so much better. The I.V. is out and he's off oxygen. They're cutting back his meds and want to observe him over the weekend. If he does well then they are talking about letting him go home sometime on Monday....I'm not holding my breath because I just can't handle being told 'not yet'. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks so much for praying and the supportive emails and phone calls!! We are so blessed to have such caring friends and family! My mom will arrive Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon. Her flight was cancelled and rebooked out of Kansas City due to the weather on Friday night. Pray for her safety as she travels.

God Bless!!!!



Christy Middleton said...

Do you all have vonage?

Priscilla Myers said...

Krista and Danny,
Glad to see that Micah is doing good. I will be praying for you guys!

Wendy Nguyen said...

It is wonderful to see Micah doing better. It is so sad to see him lying in the hospital bed. I know that must have been very rough on the rest of you. Mitchell and I are praying for you and hopefully Micah is home now and doing much better.