Monday, February 26, 2007


I registered today to take a placement test at the University. It's tomorrow and as usual I'm nervous...I hate tests. I also am worried because I had to sit out a semester, giving birth to Micah. I have no idea how rusty my reading & writing is...I know my speaking is a little. However, it's getting better since I'm back in a bit of a routine with Bible study groups and visiting friends. I am excited about meeting new people & going back to school with my other friends from the last semester I attended.

Sooooo, this will be a tough semester. Most likely I will be going to class everyday with travel by bus & tram adding to the length of day then home to be wife & mommy, then somewhere in there do homework for the next day and keep house. Ok... maybe I'll rethink this-haha! I'm writing all this so you know how to pray for us. Danny will be watching the boys, but as soon as I get home he will need to get to work... he needs MINIMUM of 20-25 hrs in prep for studying for sermons then translating them on top of normal office work he does. It'll be busy & stressful at times, but with prayer & God leading our steps all things are possible. Now I just need to say that everyday to myself & I just might keep my sanity ;)


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