Saturday, June 23, 2007

Exciting times

I just have to brag on Nathan. He's done a fantastic job this week of potty training! Those of you who have kids and have gone thru this know that it's a day to celebrate when you hear little footsteps running to the bathroom and "I go pee, Mom!" Tonight he got out of bed..many times actually, but twice for a bathroom break!! The reason for tonights excitement is because we bought poster board and 'Cars' stickers today. He really wanted to decorate that poster board. Up till now we were trying the "you get a little car (like matchbox cars) if you pee in the toilet". That was great because we bought in bulk and were only giving him a car every other day or so which is odd because he really likes playing with cars. He would actually tell us after we asked him if he needed to go, "No, I no need to go and I no want a car today". BUT this week he was receiving 4-5 cars a day and Danny & I had to come up with a better idea :) He wasn't interested in stickers when we first started training but now, hopefully this will be the cheaper and just as exciting reward. We are praying that this will 'take' and come August he will be all trained and ready to board a plane.


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