Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Friends

Lately, God has been blessing me with new friends. This week I had lunch with a friend from Colombia that I've known for a year or so and she introduced me to one of her friends from Brazil. We had a great time chatting and talking about religion. Open door maybe??

Then today I took the boys with me to a new friends house. I met her thru Karen who has 2 little girls almost the exact ages of my boys. She's an American married to an Austrian. We had a fantastic time hanging out. Angela has a little girl 3 months younger than Nathan and a 2 month old baby boy. We have made plans to celebrate 4th of July together and have our hubbies meet. Yeah!

What is great about all this is God is keeping my "social circle" full. Just the way I like it. We have friends from England and though we don't see them much (hint, hint-PIPS), they are a breath of fresh air when we do get together. One couple we had been studying the Bible with a couple of times have moved to the U.S. for a new job. He's from Germany and she's from Taiwan. They were also great board game friends, we were so sad to see them leave, but hopefully the seeds have been planted.

Tomorrow is the last day of school and I think all I have to do is pick up my grades. I know learning German will always be an ongoing learning experience, but I sure am looking forward to a little break.

I just wanted to share my praises of the week. God knows just what to bring our way AND at the right time.


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