Monday, August 06, 2007

August 6th

Happy Anniversary to Us! On August 6, 1999, Danny & I were married at my home church, Hallmark Baptist in Texas. We were still in college, Danny was entering his 4th year and I my 3rd. We both worked full time and loved our little apartment. We had good friends and lots of fun! The Lord has taken us thru valleys and mountain tops. No matter which one, He has been with us thru it all.

In the last 8 years we've seen God thru: graduations, bill paying (when we just didn't know where it was going to come from and suddenly a card would arrive in the mail), moving to Texas and Austria, loosing a baby, deputation, long roads, family get-togethers, our Nathan and at 9 weeks old the good bye's, moving our family to Austria, language, culture, family weddings, making new friends here that we can't imagine ever not knowing, our Micah- born in Austria, loss of grandparents, moving on of old friends and some new friends too (but thank the Lord for technology!), supporting, faithful churches, prayer warriors, those phone calls out of the blue to see how we are, and the churches who remember our entire family's birthdays or our anniverysary. We are thankful for how God sees fit to provide for us and bless us more than we deserve.

Today we are going to finally have a night out alone! I was trying to think of the last time Danny & I enjoyed being out without the kids and I believe it was for my birthday last December or maybe Danny's in February. Either way, it's long overdue! I get excited about dressing up a bit and having dinner out that will not include cutting up Nate's food or having a diaper bag with jar food and a bottle. But.... I'll also miss them very much! Even though I need 'me' time, when I hear Nathan say, "You're back!" and come running to me with open arms---ahhhh, I love being a mommy!

Danny, I love you!


ps- here's the only pic I have scanned on our computer from our wedding and then I guess Danny & I don't have a lot of pics of just us, so I'll have to take some tonight.

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